Testimonios IMP

” The International Mobility Point service has been very useful assisting the EIIC mobility office helping incoming students and outgoing students with their insurances. ”

María Dolores Marrero Alemán
Mobility coordinator
” I sincerely value the efficiency, promptness of resolution, simplicity, and kindness above all they offer us. I am grateful. ”
Inés Siota
House owner
” They helped me to solve my questions when I needed it the most. ”
Javier Junio Mbulito
Erasmus Outgoing Student
” IMP has helped me to discover Las Palmas reality before coming to Erasmus here. ”
Federica De Paola
Erasmus Incoming Student
” Being a mentor to people who come to the ULPGC through a mobility program means helping them with simple and basic things such as finding accommodation (providing them website pages to look for a flat), explaining them where young people usually go out, sports activities they can do. Things that when you live on the island you know first hand, but they can be difficult if you know nothing or anyone. I encourage everyone who can join in this new program, as I assure you it is a very enriching experience and opens the eyes to those who have never been abroad with a mobility program, and it will remind you of great moments to whom have gone to a foreign country to study for a period of time. ”
Marta Alemán
AEGEE-Las Palmas member